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Frequently Asked Questions

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my.BoiseState for Students

my boisestateToday, Boise State students use the same username and password to sign in separately to BroncoWeb, Google Apps/BroncoMail, Blackboard, and other services. 

It's 2013, and we think that's archaic. So we created my.BoiseState to allow you to sign in once, and access your information without signing in again. 

In December, Boise State students will browse to and click Student Sign In to access class information, registration, BroncoMail, financial aid info, Blackboard, and more. 

Your information is my.BoiseState! 

Faculty and staff, including student employees, can click Faculty/Staff Sign In to access links to common University systems (even though there won't be anything to immediately sign into). The my.BoiseState for Faculty and Staff service will be fully implemented in 2013. 

Parents and other individuals authorized to access student account information will click on Parent Sign In. 

 Links to the creating and resetting passwords, as well as accessing the University's Course Catalog are also provided.

Help When You Need It

my Boise State Help
Go to the source to get the help you need! 

Contact and location information is provided throughout my.BoiseState for class registration, student accounts and payments, class scheduling, academic information, financial aid, Help Desk technical service, and more.

It's What Matters to You

After signing in, Boise State students will have access to BroncoMail, Blackboard, Student Center (formerly known as BroncoWeb), and the Albertson's Library. 

Note due to licensing issues, students may be required to provide their username and password to access Library resources.

Students can view at a glance how many unread email messages are awaiting in BroncoMail. 
Change Major

Also available in my.BoiseState for Students are links to purchase textbooks for your specific classes via the Boise State Bookstore, an application to verify your enrollment status at Boise State, and a new application allowing you to change your major.


my.BoiseState for Students is designed to continually evolve over time to get better and better. 

For example, coming soon you'll be able to view your class schedule as soon as you log in to my.BoiseState for Students, along with financial account info and financial aid status:


Future of my BoiseState 

More Info

The my.BoiseState (Unified Web Experience, or "UWE") project has been established to implement a common and consistent web experience to those that utilize our enterprise systems and the information contained within. 

my.BoiseState involves establishing a foundational environment for deploying our common interface, but also a framework for single sign-on and single point of access for information. The end product will provide an individualized experience for users; a student or employee will sign in and gain access to key systems such as Google Apps, BroncoWeb, Blackboard and others through a single log in process, as well access additional information designed to meet specific needs. 

The project establishes foundational technology and framework to facilitate this development, as well as the implementation of the initial my.BoiseState for students, faculty and staff. my.BoisesState also provides the foundational technology for the development of custom web applications outside of our core PeopleSoft systems, aiding in the reduction of costly customizations. 

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